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Charles R. Weisbin

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Charles R. Weisbin
Charles R. Weisbin, Eng. Sc. D. 1969 Columbia University. Charles R. Weisbin currently serves as Deputy Program Manager for the System Modeling and Analysis Program Office, reporting to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Associate Director for Strategic Planning and Project Formulation.

Prior to this, at JPL, he led the Surface Systems Thrust Area, within the NASA Cross-Enterprise Technology Development Program. He was Program Manager for Robotics and Mars Exploration Technology Programs and before this, Section Manager for Robotic Systems and Advanced Computer Technology.

At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he was Director of the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Program and Director for the Center for Engineering Systems Advanced Research. Dr. Weisbin was Associate Professor of Computer Science, teaching artificial intelligence at the University of Tennessee.

He was the co-chairman of the NASA Telerobotics Intercenter Working Group for seven years and received the 1993 NASA Exceptional Service Medal for formulation and development of the NASA Telerobotics Program. He is a recipient of the 1998 Thomas O Paine Award for Advancement of Human Exploration to Mars and an IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Member award.

He also received the 1999 NASA Exceptional Service Medal for development and infusion of robotics from basic research into NASA flight missions and missions of other agencies. He received the award for Outstanding Leadership in Surface Robotics for the year 2000, the Decadal Planning Team achievement award in 2001, and the NASA Group Achievement Award in 2001, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Automation Congress in 2004, and the award for Best Paper published in the System Engineering Journal in 2004.

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